IB Fabrications

Newsletter - 2017

I.B.Fabrications are pleased to have passed our recent audit, maintaining our Ex 3 CE Marking for a second year, as part of this accreditation we also hold;
EN ISO 1090 Parts 1 and 2
EN ISO 3834 Parts 1 and 2
We operate systems compliant to ISO 14001:2001, ISO 9001:2008, and OHSAS 18001:2005.
We have our own in house testers, RWC to comprehensive level and CSWIP 3.0 Welding Inspector .
I.B. Fabrications is a steel construction company, founded in 1997 with over 30 years knowledge, experience in engineering, providing steel fabrication for commercial buildings, bridges, rail, academies, hospitals and heritage.
We are also registered for both nuclear decommissioning and supply. In addition to this we have recently been added into the EDF nuclear supply chain and the Sellafield supply chain.
We specialise in curved beams, large truss rafters and high architectural detailed work in carbon steel. We also undertake general steelwork and fabrication.
We would welcome enquiries and to be given the opportunity to tender on any up and coming contracts.
We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Certification Numbers:
IIW - ISO3834 Part 2 IAB337
EWF - 150196/ Rev.0
TWI Certification Ltd - Reg No. 1501069GB Rev.0
CE Certification No. - 2400-CPR-20150025
All the above are to Annex B Table B.1.
CSWIP 3.0- 21Q4/69541

Ivan Bennett

I.B. Fabrications